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You are Not Listening to Me!

I am busy, I have a thousand and one things to do and now my daughter is in floods of tears because I wasn’t listening to her.  I was listening, she was prattling on about some craft fair event she was doing at school or something. Now, not only am I busy, but I have […]

Business Process Management: It Will Never Work

I am a process guy I make no excuses.  Not everybody sees the world the way I do, we all have different perspectives, some people think process management is a waste of time.  Although I hate to admit it, sometimes, other people’s perspectives are valid. So, with the aim of fairness I have jotted down the […]

How Focused are You?

If you want to be successful you have to be focused.  That is a rather trite statement, but think about it for a second.  The world is a big place.  There is somebody out there somewhere who is doing exactly the same things as you are; they have the same gifts as you do.  The […]

Employee Recognition Awards: Bragging Rights and Bling

Recognise your staff If you read blogs and books about staff engagement, sooner or later they will tell you that: The most motivational thing you can do for your employees is thank them Money isn’t a motivator Recognition should be timely Recognition should be targeted All good advice but boring. How about adding: Recognition should […]

Expensive Handshakes and Complexity Costs

If two people meet and shake hands with each other, how many handshakes are there?  Easy question, the answer is one. If three people meet, how many handshakes are there?  Three, are you with me? If four people meet the answer is six, now you need to think about it. As the number of people […]

The You Tube MBA, Free and On-line

Is there anything useful on You Tube? Anything that will challenge your outlook?  Anything that will give you a different perspective on business?  Maybe, though you do have to look hard, and keep well away from “promoted videos”, they will suck up your time and spit it out. Here is what I found, in descending […]

How to Deal with Customer Complaints

The Highways Agency (the people responsible for the state of the UK’s roads) have announced a plan to save money. You can read about it here. Currently if a member of the public complains about a pot hole on a major road the Highways Agency are duty bound to repair it (throw on a couple […]

Measure Anything the Sesame Street Way

There are a lot of intangible things in life, things that affect the service that you are delivering and the business that you are running.   Things that you would love to know, but are frankly just impossible to find out.  How about these for a couple of examples: How effective are your managers? How […]

Clever Capital Investment or Shiny New Toy?

If you have ever called a call centre, no doubt you have used an IVR (interactive voice response, press 1 to change your address…press 2 to…  you get the idea). The public is generally a little damming about them, to quote Wikipedia: “IVR is sometimes criticised as being unhelpful and difficult to use due to […]