AboutSquawk Point (noun)

Compound noun derived from two words:

squawk, (verb): to utter a loud, harsh cry; to complain loudly and vehemently

point, (noun): an instant of time; a critical position in a course of affairs

The point of no return in an interaction between an organisation its employees and customers.


1.  A customer’s perspective of an organisation deteriorating rapidly during the provision of a good or service.  This moment is often marked by:

  • incoherent ranting and the use of foul language
  • realisation that the customer service representative has just received a nasty knock to the head
  • a dawning realisation that there is no option but to part with a considerable sum of money

2. An employee’s perspective of an organisation deteriorating rapidly after providing a good or service.  This moment is often marked by:

  • nervous giggling as the futility of the standard policies and procedures hammers home
  • panic setting in as the impact of a new project becomes apparent
  • a deep sense of unease when friends ask where they work

In both cases the resultant state is one of overwhelming exasperation and irrational behaviour.

Unlike the “Tipping Point” the “Squawk Point” is thoroughly unpleasant and of dubious strategic merit.  Although common the “Squawk Point” is wholly avoidable.  This web site explores some of the finer points of the phenomenon.  If you would like to learn more please connect with us.

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