Employee Recognition Awards: Bragging Rights and Bling

Recognise your staff

If you read blogs and books about staff engagement, sooner or later they will tell you that:

  • The most motivational thing you can do for your employees is thank them
  • Money isn’t a motivator
  • Recognition should be timely
  • Recognition should be targeted

All good advice but boring.

How about adding:

Recognition should be so bling, so innovative and exciting that it  gives the employee something he can tell his friends and family about. (Brag about, let’s be honest)

Here are a handful of examples:

  • At AT&T employees are invited to be actors in their commercials
  • The bank, First Chicago, reprints letters complimenting employees on their customer service in its monthly magazine
  • Hewlett Packard has a Golden Banana award for the most inventive employees
  • President Clinton sent a pink rose and card signed by himself and Hilary to every member of staff in the White House after his first 100 days in office, just to say thank you
  • Walt Disney grants an extra five minute break or “candy bar” to the employee who finds the customer who has travelled furthest to be in the amusement park
  • Asda stores has a company Jaguar that is awarded to the member of store staff who generated the biggest uplift in sales
  • McDonalds provide “golden arches” jewellery to employees who deliver outstanding service
  • Delta airlines let their flight crew choose from 15 different uniforms
  • Domino’s pizza hold company Olympics.  Events include: dough making, vegetable slicing and accounting.
  • And finally, for those who say money doesn’t help, when J Pierpont Morgan (of JP Morgan fame) died he bequeathed a year’s salary to each of his employees.  Quantity has a quality all of its own.

I hand out thank you cards.  Maybe I should take some of my own medicine.

What could you do that would give your employees bragging rights?  Go on, bling it up.  I dare you.

Employee Rewards: Bling

Image by Foxtongue

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  1. I used to work at Asda, they also had an award called the golden cone. It was really difficult to get a parking place in central Leeds, so every week store colleagues could nominate somebody in head office who had been really supportive. They got the parking space outside the front door of Asda House with a golden parking cone on it.

    Very clever

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