The Handoff

I am not a Luddite Technology is a good thing.  As it evolves we find new solutions to problems: We invent new applications We write new algorithms We build new tools We develop new drugs Technology pushes us forward. Technology needs specialist knowledge All that new technology is difficult to get your mind around. People need […]

The Sure Thing

Pain and despair Imagine you run a servicing centre. You have a staff of 100 who fill in forms to order things for customers. Maybe they process applications Maybe they fill in patient’s details Maybe they capture the details of car repairs You get the gist of it… Lots of people, lots of information and lots of screw […]

Top Secret Information

Knowledge is power We talk a lot about big data; it is the new thing, the magic bullet that will solve all your organisational woes. No matter what your problem… the solution is in the data. This is the information age. We are knowledge workers and knowledge is power. Data is an asset, we should […]

Do You Really Need Big Data?

You think you need big data You need to understanding all those interactions and connections You need databases and decisioning tools and analysts and consultants You need to know what all those patterns are telling you You need the competitive advantage After all, knowledge is power, it is obvious, isn’t it? Maybe you could start […]

Six Musts if You Use Voice Response…

It is a bit of a touchy subject Should you use a: Voice Response Unit VRU, Interactive Voice Response IVR, one of those damn electronic things (call it what you will) to answer your customer’s calls? The naysayers will have you believe they damage “moments of truth” and ruin the “customer experience”. The fans will tell you they are hugely […]

The I-Bomb

Bang… There’s been an explosion.  Not a Car Bomb or a Molotov Cocktail, nothing that crude, it was much more sophisticated, it was an Infrastructure Bomb, it… Shredded your systems Destroyed your data Pulverised your processes Macerated your MI Splattered your specifications Brutalised your business rules The whole lot is gone… wiped… deleted.  The waste […]

The Beauty of Low Tech

This is a guest post I had my eyes tested at Specsavers a couple of weeks ago: First I tried their website, it told me that if I wanted an appointment in the next 48 hours I would need to contact the store. Then I rang the store and they told me that they didn’t […]

Facebook: It is so Rewarding

We work in large organisations that ban access to social media. We have long-winded IT policies that forbid our employees from tweeting, liking, stumbling or commenting. After all we are paying these people to work, not to surf the internet catching up with their friends. But is our logic sound?  Should we isolate our employees […]

Can You Make the Right Decisions?

Decision-making is hard. So hard that we pay people handsomely to be professional decision makers: Doctors Underwriters Bank Managers Tax Inspectors All of them make their living by taking complex ill-defined situations and making decisions. Unfortunately they don’t always decide the same way If you put two professional decision makers in a room at the […]

Your Memories are Being Frozen

Facebook is freezing me out; they are putting me (and probably you) on ice. You see Facebook has a problem, too many faces.  Facebook users upload 300 million new photographs every day.  Facebook is home for billions of images. All those images need storing somewhere so Facebook runs thousands of servers and those servers need a […]