A World Without Objectives

Objectives: could we manage without them? How would we cope?  The guys in H.R. would throw up their hands in horror. We couldn’t rate our staff. Pay for performance would flounder. Annual appraisals would become a farce. We wouldn’t know what we were doing. How could we manage our businesses? But how do we manage with objectives? They just get […]

I See You

Recognition Connectivity between human beings is the beginning of synergy.  It is written in our genetic code and expresses itself in our drive to join with others and be part of a group.  This is how we are wired.  It makes sense that the most effective management styles leverage this aspect of our species’ psyche. I […]

The Ultimate Business Constraint

Running a business is tough I used to run my own business. It was hard work. I have the utmost respect for anybody who does it. The constraint on my business wasn’t the lack of good ideas or cash — I have plenty of ideas and I could always find somebody to lend me money. […]

Trust and Improvement

Improvement needs trust To improve your organisation you need to understand what needs to be improved You will only find out what needs improving if your staff tell you what is really going on Your staff will only truthfully tell you what is going on if they trust you Your staff won’t trust you if you don’t trust them Therefore, […]

Trust and Paperwork

Imagine you make bicycles for a living You have a supplier who provides you with all the bike chains you use. Every week, without fail you get a shipment of chains into your factory and every month you pay for them. How do you pay for your chains? Method 1. The three-way match: Employ somebody to match up: […]


It is easy to set up a team… You take a bunch of people, put them in a room, give them a simple task and tell them to crack on with it. Setting up a team is easy. But teamwork is a different matter Teamwork needs: An understanding of strengths An admission of weaknesses Openness […]

How to Win the F.A. Cup

I don’t know much about football As a teenager I used to play in the school yard. When they picked teams I was always the last poor sod standing there. I was usually dismissed to the other team with a “Oh you have him“. I was fat I was slow I lacked talent (Keep your thoughts […]

Do You Have to Control Everything?

If there is one thing that upsets me… Really upsets me it is being controlled.  Being told where I have to be, when I have to be there, what I need to do, which meeting I need to go to… I hate being controlled. Of course it cuts both ways.  If I am hell-bent on […]

Getting it Right When it all Goes Wrong

Sometimes it all goes wrong, there is a calamity, a disaster or a screw up. Shit happens. There is only one sensible response when it all goes a bit Pete Tong; understand why and then do something to stop it happening again — it works even better when done quickly. This is not a revelation. My father […]

Go On, Trust Me

Successful organisations revolve around trust.  The more you trust your colleagues the less you worry about them: You spend less effort checking up You spend less time looking for alternatives You spend less money on lawyers and contracts As trust rises, business becomes faster, smoother and cheaper.  Frictional costs disappear.  As Steven Covey would say, […]