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The Squawk Point is all about service operations and our ability to make things far more complicated than they really need to be.

Running an operation should be as easy as finding out what your customers want, then giving it to them. Nothing more or less.

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Operations Analysis

There Are Lies, Damned Lies and Descriptive Statistics

Anscombe’s quartet Here are some interesting numbers for you. Interesting in a geeky sort of way… They are 4 sets of readings for two variables, X and Y. That is a horribly algebraic. It brings back memories of a comprehensive school deep in the 1980’s. All polyester blazers and fermenting gym kit. Let me bring the […]

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Process Improvement

The One Place You Should Excel

Excellence Managers talk a lot about excellence.  It monopolises their communication. They rattle on about: Being best of breed Transcending the top quartile Utilising best practice Becoming best-in-class, world-class and maybe even intergalactic-class I’m sure you have heard something similar along the way. But it is only talk There are a handful of problems with […]

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Employee Engagement

The H.R. Hammer

My brother is nothing like me Before I start this post I should point out that my brother and I live in very different worlds: He works for a F.T.S.E. 100 bank (not an insurer) He works in Canary Wharf (not the City) He works in I.T. (not operations) He is going bald (see picture […]

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