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The Squawk Point is dedicated to service improvement.  It is full of ideas, news and practical advice for people who run service operations and want to improve their performance.

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All service operations consist of three elements: customer demands, business processes and the employees who serve those customers.  The content is structured to explore the ways in which these elements interact to deliver customer service.

These three core areas are accessed from the menu bar above:

Operations Analysis:

Are you clear what your customers want and how well you deliver against those demands?  How do you measure performance and highlight the hot spots of poor performance?  Finally how to drive down to the root causes so that they are fixed?  Interesting places to start include:

Process Improvement:

Once you have identified the area of the organisation that needs to be improved how do you go about that?  What are the most useful tools and techniques, where are the avoidable pitfalls?  Places to start reading include:

  • Salty Coffee.  Why fixing small issues is so important.
  • Top 10 Process Mapping Sins.  Process mapping is a means to an end not an end in itself.
  • Sticky.  How some organisations use process improvement to drive revenue as well as cost reduction.

Employee Engagement:

Business processes don’t operate in a vacuum, they are run by people.  Making sure that these people are actively engaged in two roles: “doing their jobs and doing them better”, is crucial to success.  If this is of interest try:

  • Learning French.  Favi is one of the most successful organisations in France, has huge employee engagement and yet no HR department.
  • Mr Motivator.  A fascinating video about people’s internal motivation.
  • Excuses Excuses.  How staff mindset can make a massive difference to performance.


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