Evolution or Revolution?

What’s the best way to improve your business? Where should you put your development time and effort to get the greatest return? There are two lines of thought: #1: Revolution Focus on the big strategic levers and the radical steps.  Making bold moves is the most important thing you can do.  Don’t worry about the […]

4 Ways to Solve a Problem

An apocryphal story: A man you know is hungry.  There are 4 ways you could solve his problem: Slap him about a bit. This will take his mind of it.  Hunger gone, problem solved. Give him a fish to eat.  Hunger gone, problem solved. Give him a fishing rod and show them how to fish.  Hunger gone, problem solved. Develop a […]

Saint or Sinner

Two employees: Employee 1: Jane When faced with an issue Jane will improvise and adapt her approach. She doesn’t bother her manager or others. If Jane notices that somebody else has made a mistake she fixes it. There is no noise or palaver, she keeps things moving. Jane never makes any mistakes herself, or at least never […]

Rule 20: Persistence Pays

Stick at it I know how to run a marathon Walk out of your front door and start running.  When you can’t run any more stop.  The next day try again.  Run a little further.  Stick at it. I know how to look like Arnold Schwarzenegger Go to the gym and lift something heavy.  When you can’t […]

Evidence Based Management

This is a guest post Management is not a profession… It isn’t like medicine, engineering or law; it is a state in which we live. Sometimes it is formal — perhaps a promotion at work. Sometimes it is  informal — circumstances force us to organise things.  Remember when you could no longer do everything yourself? There are no legal, […]

How to Improve (at Just About Anything)

There are two ways to improve: 1. The classic way: Do – make an improvement Do – change a process Do – implement some training Do – install a system When you have been through the 4 do’s keep right on doing. 2. The recommended way: Plan – develop an idea or innovation, work out how […]

Where is Your Pilot Plant?

To improve you must learn Unfortunately, you only learn when you mess things up.  You only learn how to ride a bike by falling off one.  If you didn’t fall off, then you didn’t learn (I guess you already knew how to ride it). If you try something new and it works first time, fresh […]

Strengths and Weaknesses

Harry was not a well man He was in a terrible state of health.  Cancer had eaten away at his digestive tract, it was so bad that surgeons had removed three-quarters of his stomach. He was constantly in and out of hospital, surviving on a diet of caffeine, nicotine and blood transfusions. A friend’s daughter […]

The Sure Thing

Pain and despair Imagine you run a servicing centre. You have a staff of 100 who fill in forms to order things for customers. Maybe they process applications Maybe they fill in patient’s details Maybe they capture the details of car repairs You get the gist of it… Lots of people, lots of information and lots of screw […]

How to Win the F.A. Cup

I don’t know much about football As a teenager I used to play in the school yard. When they picked teams I was always the last poor sod standing there. I was usually dismissed to the other team with a “Oh you have him“. I was fat I was slow I lacked talent (Keep your thoughts […]