The Antimatter Principle

A metaphor Antimatter is by far the most valuable substance, by weight, known to Man (around $25 billion per gram). It’s incredibly rare, amazingly expensive and difficult to produce, and yet is by far the most powerful energy source we presently know of. It’s also the very epitome of alienness. Seems like a good metaphor […]

How to Listen

I was once a bright young thing Don’t laugh, we are talking 20 make that 25 years ago I was a management trainee for a FTSE 100 company I had a First Class Degree And I was MBA educated The world was my oyster I thought I could conquer everything, I was going to be the next […]

A Management Fable

Frank and the Spanner In the Midlands there is a factory.  They make bits, which fit into other bits, which eventually find their way into washing machines and lawn mowers. It is a grimy old factory that bumps along the bottom of the industrial supply chain, just about making enough money to keep its doors […]

The Problem with Solutions

Clever management phrases When I was a graduate trainee I had a manager who loved to say: “Do not come to me with problems, come with solutions” He believed it was a clever and motivational sort of thing to say.  It would make me more creative, I would start to think ahead and develop my own solutions, and — […]

The Sure Thing

Pain and despair Imagine you run a servicing centre. You have a staff of 100 who fill in forms to order things for customers. Maybe they process applications Maybe they fill in patient’s details Maybe they capture the details of car repairs You get the gist of it… Lots of people, lots of information and lots of screw […]

What do You Give to a Man in a Desert?

That is a very simple question, I’ll bet a simple, obvious answer has popped into your head. My answer was a bottle of water, how about yours? What was your answer? Does he need… A camel? A map? A tent? An oasis? A fire? Some food? An oil rig? A phone? Some sun-cream? A dune […]

The Problem With Suggestion Schemes…

I decided we required more “family engagement” at home.  We could also have done with some innovation, and my daughters certainly needed a productivity boost so I set up a suggestion scheme.  If you would like to try this I have detailed the implementation activity below: DIY suggestion scheme: Designed suggestion form (name, idea, cost […]

You are Not Listening to Me!

I am busy, I have a thousand and one things to do and now my daughter is in floods of tears because I wasn’t listening to her.  I was listening, she was prattling on about some craft fair event she was doing at school or something. Now, not only am I busy, but I have […]