Issues, Incidents and Risk Events

Boring meetings Issues, incidents, risk events, screw ups, call them what you will, we all have them.  Somewhere in your organisation somebody is logging them, categorising them and recording them.  That somebody also has a target to reduce them. And every month they hold a meeting to discuss how they are doing. And — be honest — […]

What do You Give to a Man in a Desert?

That is a very simple question, I’ll bet a simple, obvious answer has popped into your head. My answer was a bottle of water, how about yours? What was your answer? Does he need… A camel? A map? A tent? An oasis? A fire? Some food? An oil rig? A phone? Some sun-cream? A dune […]

Eating at McDonald’s Gives you Acne

That is a libelous statement, but it is fairly obviously true, I was in McDonald’s with my children only last weekend and it was jam-packed full of spotty teenagers. It is a slam-dunk case of cause and effect.  All those burgers will make you spotty. Really?  What else could be going on? If you are a […]

What do Your Customers Think?

Here is a lovely little video.  You should watch it.  All 4 minutes and 18 seconds.   He gets to the point doesn’t he? And what is his point? I doesn’t matter how clever you are: You can have the best ideas Invest millions in research and development Plaster the world with advertising If your […]

Why Service Operations are So Much Harder to Manage

We can be a little elitist in the service industry.  We look down our noses at our manufacturing cousins.  We deal with intangibles, they deal with things, and let’s be honest, they tend to be dirty noisy things at that. But pride comes before a fall.  Here are a handful of prejudices about our uncouth […]

7 Ways to Make Your Own Luck

I am all for a bit of process improvement, it moves the world forward, but sometimes process improvement by itself isn’t enough.  As the man said: If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses ~ Henry Ford If you really want a breakthrough there is a bit more to […]

How to Benchmark

Benchmarking is a beguiling idea.  You look at how your competitors do things, work out what is the best practice and then implement it.  Benchmarking should create real competitive advantage. A fabulous concept, what’s not to like? So how do you benchmark?  As with all things in life, there is an easy way and a […]

You Have to Collect the Dots Before You Join Them

To innovate you need insight You need to know stuff, how things work, how people think, what makes the world tick As you collect ideas, concepts, thoughts, insights in your head then gradually connections will start to form, you will start to see new possibilities and create new things, you will innovate A precursor to […]