The Problem with NPS (Or do I Look Fat in This?)

I am 45. They say that when middle-age is upon us our broad minds and narrow waists swap sizes. It is happening to me, (certainly around my waist, and as I no longer enjoy finding strangers in my kitchen first thing in the morning, probably my mind as well). I need to lose some weight […]

What do You Give to a Man in a Desert?

That is a very simple question, I’ll bet a simple, obvious answer has popped into your head. My answer was a bottle of water, how about yours? What was your answer? Does he need… A camel? A map? A tent? An oasis? A fire? Some food? An oil rig? A phone? Some sun-cream? A dune […]

It’s all About the System Stupid

I work for a large multi-national corporation.  Like most large multi-national corporations we have wisely outsourced our IT.  Part of it to a “technology provider” and part of it to a “service provider”.  On paper this gives us a very cheap and flexible solution but the reality is that the overall experience is a little, […]

Who Should You Listen to When the Going Gets Tough?

Guest post by Annette Franz Gleneicki: Is your organization in the midst of turmoil? Are you wading through major changes? If you answered “Yes”, then I have two more questions for you: Before these changes, were you collecting feedback from your customers? Are you still listening to the voice of the customer? When I speak […]

Making Life Difficult

In 2010 the H.B.R. published the article Stop Trying to Delight Your Customers. The big idea was that focusing on reducing “customer effort” is a far better way to improve customer loyalty than worrying about customer satisfaction “C.S.A.T.” or net promoter score “N.P.S.”. Now this was heresy and it provoked a mass of intellectual debate […]

Customer Service Surveys, What a Waste of Time

The company I work for runs a management health screening scheme.  Once a year they pay for me to go to see a doctor who looks at me with disdain.  I was screened last week.  After an hour or so of checks and analysis (and not inconsiderable expense) the doctor told me: I drink too […]