Apple are widely regarded as the kings of innovation.  Whatever they touch turns to gold:

The iPhone
The iPod
The Apple Store
The App Exchange

The list goes on and on, the iPad may well be next.

Which got me wondering, have Apple ever had a failure?  Have you heard of:

Apple TV, a video player
The Pippin, a games machine
The Newton, a hand-held PDA
The PowerMac G4 Cube, a cube shaped PC
The Quicktake, the world’s first digital camera.  How could they have messed that one up?

And the list goes on: The Rockr, Macintosh TV, Taligent, Macintosh Portable and best or worst of all the Lisa (named after Steve Jobs’ own daughter).

Which all goes to prove, if at first you don’t succeed try, try again.

Just try quickly.

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