A friend of mine works for a large bank.  They are busy implementing a system replacement.  It is big, £6 million a month big.

He was at a “Go / No Go” meeting last month.  They had a score card and scored their performance:
1.  Accounts didn’t balance
2.  Fraud risks were present
3.  Management Information wasn’t available
4.  Training hadn’t been developed

The score card was Red, Red, Red and Red.

They declared it a “Go”.

Nobody wanted to be the ones who delayed a £6 million a month programme.

They convinced themselves they could clear the mess up later.  Nobody wanted to tell the CIO.

Do you hide the problems from your boss?  Can you hide them from your customers as well?


  1. Suzy Jones says:

    The truth sometimes hurts

    Better out than in though

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