The Exception

All databases have exceptions and exception reports that need to be manually fixed.  It is a law of nature.  And exception reports get very messy. What is the priority? How do you know you worked everything? Will the report you didn’t work blow up in your face?

Did you look for all the accounts that didn’t balance?
Did you look for all the transactions from Swaziland?
Did you look for all the customers that were in two places at the same time?

How about turning it on its head and building a “correct” report, stripping out all the items from your database that you know to be categorically correct.  Then everything that is left, by definition, must be an exception.  One nice, easy to see, queue to work first in first out.

And if you can’t afford the staff to work it, then it can’t be an exception worth worrying about.

Can it?

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