Task and Spend

I read that the average organisation spends 60% of its money on staff.  Clearly this varies hugely depending on the industry, but as a statement it is an interesting one.

It leads to the conclusion that the way to save money is to cut staff.

The problem is, you can’t cut staff without stopping what they are doing and a customer wants what they are doing.

Let’s just challenge the logic a little.  Organisations don’t spend money on staff, they spend money on the tasks they ask their staff to do.

They task their staff with correcting errors.
They task their staff with answering customer queries.
They task their staff with driving to customers houses and reading meters….

Interestingly, customers don’t want these tasks, they want mobile telephones and hamburgers and clothes.

So if you want to save staff costs, save tasks.  Work out why your staff are doing these things and how you can stop them having to.

You don’t spend money on people; you spend money on what you ask them to do.

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