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Change Management, Goldilocks and the Three Bears

The idea for this post came from The Customer and Leadership Blog by Maz Iqbal.   You have heard the story of Goldilocks and the 3 Bears. Goldilocks climbed upstairs and saw that there were 3 pretty beds in front of her It had been an exhausting day so Goldilocks decided to have a lie […]

Step 4(b)

The UK government worries about unemployment Unemployment is generally agreed to be a good thing for governments to worry about. There is an argument that employed people are happier There is an argument that employed people will vote for you There is an argument that employed people pay more taxes Either which way, if you are […]

The French are More Generous than the British

Here is a fascinating chart for you…  fascinating if you have a thing for charts. What the data shows is the consent rate for organ donation in different European countries. It appears that the French are very generous. If they are unfortunate enough to die an untimely death almost 100% of them have given their […]

Performance Appraisals: You Wouldn’t do Them at Home…

I love my wife dearly, but there are a couple of areas that she really could sharpen up on, areas that would improve her performance and deepen her satisfaction with her home life. Fortunately I am a very experienced manager with a large team of engaged employees and know exactly what to do to motivate and […]

Clarity of Purpose is Greatly Overrated

Many will tell you that clarity of purpose is all important. Your purpose is what you are here to do If you are clear about your purpose then you can structure your: organisation measures policies structures processes training and kitchen sink to help you achieve that purpose. If you are clear about your purpose then […]

When I’m Old and Grey(er)

I’m getting on a little.  After 25 years of work I want to make sure that I don’t have to do another 25. Tragically, I am starting to worry about my pension. I want to spend my golden years watching the sun set over the ocean, not sitting in an office. So I have talked […]

Standardisation and Climbing Ladders

How do you climb a ladder? Climbing a ladder is straightforward… Put one foot on a rung Reach up the side rails one hand at a time (health and safety) Push yourself up with your leg Put your other foot on the next rung Repeat Gradually you will climb higher and higher. The really important bit […]