I See You

Recognition Connectivity between human beings is the beginning of synergy.  It is written in our genetic code and expresses itself in our drive to join with others and be part of a group.  This is how we are wired.  It makes sense that the most effective management styles leverage this aspect of our species’ psyche. I […]

Clarity of Purpose is Greatly Overrated

Many will tell you that clarity of purpose is all important. Your purpose is what you are here to do If you are clear about your purpose then you can structure your: organisation measures policies structures processes training and kitchen sink to help you achieve that purpose. If you are clear about your purpose then […]

Are You Faking It?

Authenticity Where do you work? In a call centre? Or a call centre? Who do you serve? Customers? Or customers? Who do you work with? Are you part of a team? Or a team? Are you authentic? Are you faking it? Or are you the real deal? Because if you’re not, you aren’t fooling anybody […]