Are You Faking It?


Where do you work?

In a call centre?

fake centre

Or a call centre?

real call centre

Who do you serve?


fake customers

Or customers?

real customers

Who do you work with?

Are you part of a team?

fake team

Or a team?

real team

Are you authentic?

Are you faking it?

fake manager

Or are you the real deal?

real manager

Because if you’re not, you aren’t fooling anybody but yourself, (no matter how perfect your teeth).

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  1. Hello James
    Most, if not pretty much all, of us are faking it. What I find particularly interesting is this: it is against the rules to point out that we are faking it! It is like the Emperor with no clothes: it takes the innocent young boy to say it like it is.

    By the way I love the way you make your point in this blog.


    • James Lawther says:

      A very valid point Maz, I suppose it is just a question of degree, but I never seem to get away with much.


  2. Hi James,
    Your post reminded me of something that my father once told me that was not about faking but about telling lies. He said that lies only lead to more lies and eventually you will get caught out. Seems to me that faking it leads to more faking and more faking until you’ve nowhere else to go and then you get found out.

    Being real, authentic and not telling lies seems to be the most sustainable way. I wonder why more people don’t do this?


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