Leadership Brand

The latest HR insight from the US.  Have you developed your leadership brand?

Do you want to give the aura of being “tactically strategic” or “passionately dispassionate“.

Have you tested it with your colleagues and gained feedback?

Are you committed to making this part of your “personal growth plan”?

Is this rubbish?

I suppose it depends what you do with it.

  • Are you striving to become a “Focused, results driven, analytically astute collaborator?
  • Or being genuine about it.

Any which way, it will show through


  1. Morris Jacobs says:

    Interesting thought, I suppose it all depends on how far you take the idea. If you are genuine about it I suppose it could work, if on the other hand it is put on….

    I used to work for a guy who always wroterhank you notes. It would have been really strong buthelezi asked his secretary to keep a list so it was “balanced”. It sort of missed the point

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