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Innovation Constraints and Lateral Thinking

In the third world, 4 million children die every year within a month of birth. It’s an avoidable tragedy If half of those children were simply kept warm and clean they would survive. In the developed world we have incubators that do exactly that.  I spent the first week of my life in one.  And […]

Saying Yes When the Computer Says No

It’s a poor joke… The computer says “No”. It wouldn’t be funny if it wasn’t true.  But the computer does say “No” with alarming regularity. Well not the computer, but the bloke who programmed the computer.  The same bloke who created all the policies, rules and red tape. The demoralising computer The computer is demoralising, […]

Big Data: How to Cope With It

We are accumulating data at a truly alarming rate: Loyalty cards Phone bills Search queries E-mails Blog posts You name it, it has data and it is all being squirreled away.  Gigabytes, Terabytes and Petabytes of it.  Before long there will be Yottabytes of the damn stuff.  Big Data. A new world full of opportunity […]

Is Less Really More?

My 9-year-old daughter is lovely… Most of the time… But if you really want to see her wind me up, come with us to order a pizza.  She will not make a decision.  How hard can it be? Hawaiian, or Mighty Meaty, or Volcano Supreme?  It isn’t as if she even likes the spicy ones. […]

Who Should You Listen to When the Going Gets Tough?

Guest post by Annette Franz Gleneicki: Is your organization in the midst of turmoil? Are you wading through major changes? If you answered “Yes”, then I have two more questions for you: Before these changes, were you collecting feedback from your customers? Are you still listening to the voice of the customer? When I speak […]

Blame Culture: More Dangerous Than You’d Think

In January 2001, 18-year-old Wayne Jowett died whilst receiving treatment for Leukaemia at the Queens Medical Centre, in my home city, Nottingham. The chemotherapy consisted of two drugs: Cytosine, a drug that is injected directly into the spinal fluid and Vincristine, a drug that is injected into the patient’s blood. A tragic accident The doctor […]

There is Always a Bottleneck

All processes have a bottle neck, a rate limiting step.  Something that holds them back.  There is always a bottleneck. Maybe it’s the neck of the bottle: Maybe it’s the speed of the pump: Maybe it’s the width of the falls: Maybe it’s even the lack of rain: But there is always a bottleneck or […]

Process Controls or Commandments?

The other day I phoned my IT “help” desk.  They were polite, calm and pleasant but totally useless. They wouldn’t do the one thing I asked them to do.  My request wasn’t unreasonable.  In fact the man on the other end of the line agreed with me, it was the obvious way forward.  But.. The […]