Making Process Improvement Really Easy, Easy Enough for Dummies

This morning I read an article about Operational Excellence.

It started to tell me that I have to define my value streams from the point of the customer, then went on to discuss 6 sigma in a transactional environment, and then, just as my eyes started to roll to the back of my head, told me that I needed to determine the optimum roll out velocity for my deployment.

I lost the will to live.

Process improvement is really easy:

  1. Processes produce things for customers
  2. Customers pay for these things
  3. That pays your wages
  4. If you are doing dumb things that a customer wouldn’t be prepared to pay for, then, (and here is the clever part….)
  5. Stop doing them!

And for the benefit of doubt, asking smart arse questions like “what is your target deployment velocity” is a dumb thing to do.

Process Improvement for DummiesImage by Alex E. Proimos


  1. Ha, love it

    There is far too much talk about Operational Excellence and Process Excellence, and 5S’s and 7 wastes. It all really misses the point.

    Sometimes things just need to be improved


  1. […] Who were these “improvements” implemented for?  The company or the customer?  Did they fix an internal business metric or an external customer need? […]

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