Tickets Please

I use the train a lot, and I buy a lot of tickets.  The guys on East Midlands Mainline are very determined that I pay for all this travel.

1.  They have ticket checking barriers at all entrances to the platforms to make sure I have a ticket.
2.  They have train “managers” on the train to make sure I have a ticket.
3.  They have barriers at the exit of all platforms.  I suspect that this is to make sure I have a ticket.

But best of all they now use “Revenue Protection Officers”.  These fine ladies and gentlemen roam the trains and have special powers to issue fines if …. I don’t have a ticket.

It occurred to me the other day that maybe my ticket would be a bit cheaper if I wasn’t paying for all this internally focused activity.  Maybe we could just have ticket inspectors and be done.  They could check my ticket once and be done.

How would that be for a little process improvement?

Or is that a bit 80’s?

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