Let the Train Take the Strain

This morning on the train from Nottingham into London the “train manager” made an announcement:

Due to health and safety reasons we are only allowed to take 2 bicycles on this train, will passengers who want to bring a bicycle on the train please reserve a place holder, as in future they will be refused access to the train”

A handful of observations:

  • This is a train, people need to get to and from the station at both ends
  • The train carries about 600 people, it is quite big, bicycles are quite small
  • There is nowhere safe to lock up a bicycle at St Pancras station
  • One of the selling points of the train is it is eco friendly
  • People like riding bikes in London, Boris has bought hundreds of them

And here is the killer:

  • Customers want to bring their bicycles on the train

Maybe the train company could charge passengers for the privilege, or make a big PR splash, or sell co-branded bicycles, or rent out bicycle lockers, or or or…

Alternatively they could refuse fare paying customers access to the train and hide behind health and safety.

Nice work East Midlands Trains.

Image by Alan Cleaver



  1. James, how so very true , I am certain east midlands trains make it difficult on purpose , you can not reserve a cycle space online or at a macine, only in person in advance or on a phone line and at 10 pence per min. Its hardly encouraging of bikes .

    Of course if your machine folds then that is ok

    Much less dangerous from a health and safety perspective !

    • James Lawther says:

      Thanks for your comment Mark, I am glad I am not alone.

      I think it is called a “joined up transport policy”


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