Process improvement saves money, but it can also drive revenue.
10 companies who use their processes to create sales:

Cross selling:

1. Amazon:  Customers who bought this also bought….
2. Apple: Visit the iTunes store to download artwork

Making the next sale:

3. Your Dentist: Would you like to book your next checkup?
4. Your insurance company: You need do nothing, your cover will be automatically extended

Giving you the offer:

5. Boden: Once you are on their mailing list you will never fall off
6. Domino’s Pizza:  Dear pizza lover

Making it easy to stay, hard to leave:

7. SAP: Once integrated you will stay integrated
8. Your Bank: Can you really be bothered to risk changing all those direct debits and standing orders?

Simply giving you what you need:

9. John Lewis: “Never knowingly undersold”, masters of the refund
10. McDonald’s: Absolute consistency

Could you use your processes to make your customers stick?

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Image by Peter Nijenhuis

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