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Management Targets Result in the World’s Largest Stag Party

Since 1978 China has had a One Child Policy.  The aim of the policy is to reduce population growth in the country.  The theory is that this will curtail demand for natural resources and so enable economic development.  Adherence to the target is managed by stringent financial penalties for those parents who’d like more than […]

Are you Awake? Or Sleeping?

I didn’t sleep well last night, I tossed and turned, I kept looking at the alarm clock flashing away 11:45, 12:03, 01:42, 02:56, 03:37, 05:23 Blink, Blink, Blink I didn’t get a wink of sleep.  Have you been there? The truth of the matter is that each time I woke and looked at the clock […]

What can 19th Century Cholera Teach us about 6 Sigma?

In 1854 there was an outbreak of Cholera in Central London.  Dr John Snow had a theory that the disease was water borne and so plotted the deaths on a street map to see if he could prove the case. He showed that the majority of deaths were happening to people who lived near the […]

Making Process Improvement Really Easy, Easy Enough for Dummies

This morning I read an article about Operational Excellence. It started to tell me that I have to define my value streams from the point of the customer, then went on to discuss 6 sigma in a transactional environment, and then, just as my eyes started to roll to the back of my head, told […]

How to Outclass an Old Bloke

I went for a run along the banks of the Thames this morning, right through central London.   Fabulous views, enough to get the most hardened coach potato out of his chair. I was going fine until an old bloke overtook me, he wasn’t going much faster, but he was much older.  My ego cut in, […]

Sexier than George Clooney and Barry White

A new phone I am in the market for a new phone for my home. I found a lovely one.  The Bang and Olufsen Beocom 2 When I use it I will look more sophisticated than George Clooney and sound mellower than Barry White.  Women will fall at my feet.  It is a must have […]

Customers are a Pain in the Back

Service is all about flexibility and being able to accommodate your customer’s every whim. Or is it? If you go into a delicatessen you expect them to be able to give you a chicken piri piri brown baguette with extra pineapple, hold the mayo. That is flexibility, that is great service. But once you have […]

What did Tony Blair do for Customer Service?

Control versus empowerment: Option 1.  Rule with an iron fist, don’t allow employees to show any initiative, make sure they do what the centre says they must do, be inflexible, remove yourself from the action. Option 2.  Empower people, let them do whatever they think is the right thing, let processes and standards diverge, all […]

Bored at Work

Facebook gets more hits than Google. There is a social media revolution going on.  I can communicate with millions using Facebook, I can Twitter to thousands and if you really need to see me, how about a bit of YouTube? It is all about engagement and communication. Which are, oddly,  two of the biggest challenges […]

Clutter Confuses

Knives in a knife draw Data on a chart Poorly structured arguments Books on a side board Badly written instructions Clothes on the floor If you need it to work, clean up your act Image by puuikibeach