Employee Engagement: One Statistic You Really Should Know

There are lots of statistics about employee engagement and how important it is.  The problem is most of them are, not to put too fine a point on it, dull.

Let me give you an example:

Some very dull statistics

Gallup do lots of research into employee engagement, this is what they came up with in 2009:

Businesses in the top quartile for engagement do better than those in the bottom quartile across a whole host of business measures:

Now this is all very worthy but have I really got your attention?

Now for something a little more engaging

In the National Health Service…

“Staff engagement is the best predictor of patient mortality rates”

Healthcare Commission Sixth Annual Staff Survey

So the message is

If you want to engage anybody getting them to sit up and take notice is a good start.

How did I do?

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Very Bored

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  1. Hi James,
    Nice job on making the case of creating meaningful stats, stats that make a difference to what we are seeking to do.

    All the other stats just feed into the last one.


  2. Hello James

    You did great.

    Recently, I attended a Customer Insight & Analytics Exchange which was full of people who specialise in customer analytics and research. When the question was asked “How many of you use story telling to give life to your statistics?” Only a few put their hands up.

    As you say the challenge with data is the intrepretation and translation such that you come out with a nugget that grabs the other person and touches them emotionally. Interesting, that you have used fear. Stores of fear, of loss, grab people like just about nothing else. Except, perhaps love/generosity, altruism – like the chap that swam to save a young life, saved that life and in turn ended up losing his.

    All the best

  3. Monise Carla says:

    Hi James, the link “another opinion” is broken! Hug.

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