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How to Push Your Big Idea

There are two ways to push your next big idea: 1. The Business Case Pull together a fancy looking presentation with buckets full of analysis (discounted cash flows, net present values, operations analysis, customer value analysis, competitive positioning, the whole nine yards), it is the  professional thing to do.  Unfortunately: Your idea will be flat […]

Strategic Thinking: Do You Have or Need a Plan?

A strategy is a plan, a mechanism for getting from pont A to point B, to hit a goal.  There are two ways of developing that strategy, (and two types of people the Planners and the Wingers) Method 1: Wing It (aka The Emergent Strategy) Keep your eye on the goal, then work out what […]

Web Design and the Emotional Bank Account

You’ll have heard about emotional bank accounts. You hold one with everybody you know. The account might be in credit (you make them laugh, you are always reliable, you surprise them with flowers) or the account might be overdue (you are always late, you offend, you were dishonest) It’s not wise to default A simple […]

Lessons From Sherlock Holmes About Management Information

In Arthur Conan Doyle’s novel “A Study in Scarlet” Dr. Watson is amazed to discover that Sherlock Holmes doesn’t appreciate that the Earth spins around the Sun.  How could a man of such insight and intelligence be so, well, stupid? When challenged, Sherlock utters the immortal line: “What the deuce is it to me? … […]

Lessons From The Corner Shop

Yesterday I went into a corner shop to buy a newspaper.  The woman standing at the counter was muti tasking, talking on her mobile phone whilst, at the same time, chewing gum.  When I went to pay she didn’t look me in the eye, she just stuck out her hand and took my money She […]

Why Stereotyping Makes Issues Look Like a Wolves

Your brain is amazing It has a rekmabrale kanck of tainkg in ltos of infotmraion, sitfing it and cnretaig mennaig from it.  It deos this by mtahcing pttaerns, lokoing for comnomality with tnihgs that it has seen in the psat, and tehn finlig taht infotmarion away.  That is why you are albe to mkae ssene […]

Customer Service the Virgin Atlantic Way

People love Virgin Atlantic.  If you Google “I love Virgin Atlantic” you’ll get 79,000 hits, try doing that for British Airways and the number is 50,000.  A number that isn’t too shocking until you realise that BA have ten times as many planes as Virgin. The “I hate” figures tell a very similar story. But […]

You Have to Collect the Dots Before You Join Them

To innovate you need insight You need to know stuff, how things work, how people think, what makes the world tick As you collect ideas, concepts, thoughts, insights in your head then gradually connections will start to form, you will start to see new possibilities and create new things, you will innovate A precursor to […]

Do You Test and Learn or Just Fail?

Samuel Pierpont Langley dreamed of being the first man to fly an aeroplane. His approach was simple, build the most powerful engine he could.  Strap a couple of wings to it and watch it go. He was well funded.  He and a large staff focused all their attention on developing a big muscular engine, something […]