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Do You Want Engaged Employees or Honest Ones?

Employee engagement is everything.  If your employees engage with your strategy they will work hard, go the extra mile, look after your customers, come into work when they are sick and at weekends… and generally push your strategy forward at pace. Employee engagement, you want it, right?  You want them to just get behind what […]

A Stitch in Time…

The BBC ran an interesting story the other day about hip fractures. Apparently 78,000 people suffer from a hip fracture every year in the UK; 10% of these people will be dead within 30 days, 30% will be dead within a year, and half are left with permanent disability. Shocking statistics. NICE, the National Institute […]

Clear Work Instructions, an Eight Point Plan

When writing work instructions, you get points for clarity, not style.  Instead of waxing lyrical about the customer journey and decisive moments, just make your point.  Here are eight ways to do that: Use a clear heading to explain the task If you can’t explain the task succinctly what chance do people following the instructions […]

Are you Really Committed to your Customers?

I spent rather too long at Glasgow airport this week.  Apparently this was due to “operational difficulties” with, Ifyouwillflycheap Jet. I read my book, then the free magazines, then paced around the departure lounge for a couple of hours and then resorted to reading the posters on the walls. The Royal Bank of Scotland were […]

The Deadly Cucumber

Germany has had one of its worst ever outbreaks of food poisoning.  The cause was an outbreak of E. coli O104.  It was bad, 2,400 people became ill and 23 people died. Initially it was thought that the infection came from organic cucumbers grown in Andalusia.  In response, Germany’s health ministry told consumers to avoid […]

In John Lewis we Trust

A couple of months ago my wife bought a bed from John Lewis.  The beauty of buying a bed and having it delivered is that you can also pay to have the old one taken away (which is a pain of a job).  Unfortunately my wife neglected to do this, leading to not a little […]

Decide, please decide, decide now

What do you do when faced with a decision? Do you do everything you can to get it right?  Do you analyse the options, get opinions from trusted advisers, work through all the angles to make the correct choice.  Do you take the time and effort to make sure?  Do you do the right thing? […]

Angry Birds and Process Control

Alaska Airlines has made an interesting step in process control.  (For all of you rolling your eyeballs at the thought of process control you should remember that aeroplanes that are out of control are generally a bad thing.) They have replaced the 11 kilos of paper flight manuals that pilots are required to carry when […]