A Stitch in Time…

The BBC ran an interesting story the other day about hip fractures.

Apparently 78,000 people suffer from a hip fracture every year in the UK; 10% of these people will be dead within 30 days, 30% will be dead within a year, and half are left with permanent disability.

Shocking statistics.

NICE, the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence, advises same day hip operations for fractures as this significantly improves on this desperate performance.


Complications, secondary infections, a whole host of other things that can and do happen which make matters worse.

But it isn’t just in hospitals that complications occur.  In call centres, fast food outlets,  taxi firms, engineering companies or tax collecting offices, the longer you leave resolving the issue the more problematic it will get.  Running a backlog may sometimes be cheap but it is always expensive.

A stitch in time saves nine.

Slow Service

Image by Cindy Funk


  1. Yes, I think pizza hut have made a small fortune by making sure that everybody gets their pizza in short order.

    I once did some work with a firm of debt collectors, the trail went cold on people who hadn’t paid their bills pretty quickly. Speed of trace and collection was all important

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