Need a Drink?

According to Sky News the supermarket chain Asda refused to sell a 44 year old mother alcohol because she was shopping with her teenage son.  The supermarket chain went on to admit that its tough alcohol sales policy may “seem mad”.

It does seem mad, on a number of levels:

1.  The shopper was embarrassed
2.  The supermarket lost a customer
3.  The check out staff member undoubtedly felt stupid

Customer lost, company lost, staff member lost.

Best of all; if you were hell bent on buying your 17 year old a bottle of Thunderbird you would hardly have to be Lex Luther, Criminal Mastermind, to pull it off.

Is it a mad rule?  Clearly it is.  A better question though is who created the mad rule?

Was it somebody at Asda head office who wants to remove all risk of them losing their alcohol license?

Was it somebody at Trading Standards has put the fear of god into them?

If you can be clear about who created the rule and why, you stand half a chance of changing it.

Perhaps all your rules should have a named owner, somebody to challenge.  That way you won’t have nearly so many mad ones.

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