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I love the Daily Mail; it always has such inflammatory articles.  Today I found one that I agree with whole heartedly. Apparently the London NHS has engaged some management consultants to tell them how to save money.  One of the solutions they have come up with is to cut appointment times between GPs and their […]

Excuses, Excuses

Are you frustrated by the lack of resources to do your job properly?  Too much to do in too little time?  No people, no budget and no systems to help you?  If only you could just get the enhancement or extra head that you need everything would be OK, wouldn’t it? The problem is that […]

Sheet Music

My daughter has just started music lessons.  She is so keen and enthusiastic it is hard not to like the god awful noise that she makes. I had to go to a classical music shop to buy her a special CD to listen to as part of her studies.  As I walked through the shop […]

Just Following Instructions

Bureaucracy is bad; it is hopeless when people just follow the instructions to the letter.  They can’t help but mess it up.  Think of the last interaction you had with a call centre, chances are it was horrific. Check-lists are great; it is super when people just follow the instructions to the letter.  They can’t […]

Talking Rubbish

The local Government Association has released a list of 200 words and phrases which councils should avoid as they are unclear. Included on the list are the following terms and their recommended replacements: Actioned – Do Core message – Main Point Functionality – Use Outcome focused output – Result Potentialities – Chances Transformational – Change […]

Need a Drink?

According to Sky News the supermarket chain Asda refused to sell a 44 year old mother alcohol because she was shopping with her teenage son.  The supermarket chain went on to admit that its tough alcohol sales policy may “seem mad”. It does seem mad, on a number of levels: 1.  The shopper was embarrassed […]

Lies, Damn Lies and Google Analytics

I wasted 2 hours of my life last night wading through this web site’s Google Analytics.  Here is what I found: 7.32% of visitors spend more than half an hour (presumably they are fantasising about pretty cross eyed blonde girls) I have had 7 unique visitors from the USA and 15 from Doncaster, which proves […]

Are You Cheap Or Nasty

You get what you pay for Product quality and cost are correlated; “you get what you pay for”. It is easy to cut costs, just reduce the quality of what you offer: 1.  Take longer to answer the phone 2.  Close the local branch 3.  Supply Spam instead of Ham Unfortunately the customer wants what the […]

Politically Correct

In response to the political scandal about MP’s expense claims, the Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority (ipsa) has been set up.  IPSA will consist of 80 members of staff and is expected to cost £6.5 million every year.  This is on top of the £1.5 million that has already been spent on audits and enquiries into […]

I Hate Problem Solvers

Three true stories: 1.  A senior IT executive for a bank has an office in Manchester but works regularly in the London head office.  Whenever he visits London he spends 15 minutes cooling his heels in reception because he can’t get security clearance to enter the building (despite the fact he has his own desk […]