My Favourite Pub

I went to a fascinating talk the other day about social media.  The presenter claimed that you could find a review about pretty much anything on-line.

I thought I would give it a go, I Googled the name of my favourite pub and the 3rd item was a review site called  Not only does my pub get a mention, eleven people have rated it and seven of them have taken the time to write a review.

This got me thinking about how the internet has changed our lives.  Today if you look you can find a review about any product or service you like, and let’s be honest, if somebody is unhappy enough to write a bad review you tend to take note.

What is the implication for business?  If your service is poor and your staff are disengaged then it will be common knowledge across the world wide web pretty damn quick, and, more to the point there will be “other pubs nearby” recommended on the same page.

There is a thought worth thinking.

Oh, and my favourite pub?  4.4 / 10, it’s OK but I wouldn’t recommend it.

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