Normally I can’t say enough good stuff about Dell, but they sent me this e-mail:

They are going to deliver my new PC tomorrow, sometime between 9 and 6.

I won’t be in.

It is an automated email that cannot accept replies and best of all as my order is already on its way they cannot change the delivery date or the delivery address..

Anybody know how I can stop them wasting their time and get my new PC?  Is this good service?

Sent: 03 June 2009 17:04
Subject: Dell Planned Delivery Date: 04/06/2009

Dear Mr. James Lawther,

We would like to update you about your delivery:

– Order Number:0241*****
– Planned Delivery Date: 04/06/2009
– Delivery Time: 9 am – 6 pm

Please note – we cannot be more specific about the time.

As your order is already on its way we cannot change the delivery date, the delivery address or the order details.

If there’s no one to take delivery UPS will try again the following (working) day. They will also leave a card with instructions and contact details.

Your invoice will arrive separately within the next two weeks.



This is an automated email that cannot accept replies.


  1. Jason Morris says:

    I think the issue here probably wasn’t Dell but rather UPS. If UPS does actually have the ability to re-route something mid-delivery, they likely charge a premium for it. It would be such a rarely used process (if available at all) that it probably wouldn’t be worth it for Dell to establish a pass-through billing process to pass the charges along to you. Just guessing under the hood this would be a far more complicated than it looks.

  2. James Lawther says:

    Thanks for the insight Jason


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