T.C. Analysis

The Big Sell

Possibly the most important process improvement tool of our age, T.C. Analysis allows you to:

  • Capture process defects in the moment
  • Identify critical improvement opportunities
  • Perform simultaneous analyses of cause and effect
  • Observe worker / manager interactions
  • Capture customer feedback
  • Undertake instantaneous trials
  • Rapidly develop alternatives to test mechanisms that are sub-optimal
  • Develop a sound statistically assessment of operational performance

Start today and experience the proven benefits of T.C. analysis.

(Tools not included* No IT investment required**)

The Small Print

Accurate T.C. Analysis involves getting out of your chair and going to look and listen to what is happening followed by the collection  of some cold hard facts.  (But then no methodology is perfect).

For full instruction view the image below.

* Requires pencil and paper, available from all good stationers.

** If you must you can get an app for your iPad.

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