The Easiest Way to Lose all Momentum

We all juggle time

We make an art of getting every second’s worth of value out of every quarter of an hour.  We employ secretaries and personal assistants to schedule our work (and they are busy people)

If you have a diary that looks like a deranged zebra you will know exactly what I mean

The problem with time management

And worst of all, we still try to fit in that extra call

The consequence?

We never have time to focus.  We are so busy picking things up and putting them back down again that we don’t make inroads into anything.


We lose momentum, no it is worse than that, we never create any momentum to lose

And what exactly does it do for your motivation?  Do you enjoy working like that?

What would it take to spend a whole day (or maybe even a week) nailing one single issue?  Really focusing on it.

How would you feel if you did?

Maybe you could achieve something

Juggling Time

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  1. Hi James,
    Personally, letting someone else have a view or control of your diary is a recipe for disaster IMHO. Particularly, if you want to get something done or focus or create momentum or achieve something.

    Working from home and turning the phone off and the auto new email notification off too usually helps as well.


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