The Perfect Employee

One of the biggest growth sectors for computer games is 30 to 40 year old women.  This surprised me a little; I always thought it was spotty teenagers.  Then somebody pointed me at Farmville.  It all fell into place.

This fact has huge ramifications for the gaming industry.  If you are female, in your mid 30’s, live in Silicon Valley and can code computer games you can virtually name your price.  Why?  Because the marketing guys realise that 21 year old whizz kids have precisely no idea what 35 year old women want.

It goes further than just cash, many of these games companies are laying on crèches, gyms, coffee bars and flexible working agreements.  How else will they entice committed ladies of a certain age to work for them?

What does this mean for employee engagement in your business?

As a consumer who did you get the best service from?

  • The mid wife in the labour ward
  • The 18 year old boy selling pensions

Should you staff your business with your customers?

Grace Hopper
Image by Miss Karen

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  1. Suzy Jones says:

    That is so true. It reminds me of the man who helped me in B&Q. He was in his 50’s and clearly knew a thing or two about gardening. Far better than a dozy teenager who doesn’t know what a spade looks like.

  2. This is really important. The thing that you don’t point out is that it is possible to really build a USP once your customers start to realise how good the service is and how targeted it is.

    If you ever go into a Levi’s store you will see exactly what I mean. It is full of trendy people selling trendy clothes. If that is what you want why go elsewhere?


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