The Dongle

I am working away for a couple of days.

It is easy to do now that the dongle has been invented, that marvellous piece of equipment that links me to the internet and the world.  I can communicate with anybody.

“Dongles” are so good I have four of them, one for my personal lap top, one for my work lap top, my mobile phone and my work blackberry.

Why do I have four?  Because of security concerns at work (sensitive customer data) and the fact that I can’t plug my phone directly into my PC and use that as a connection.

The up shot of this, is that I walk around with 4 aerials (all of which are probably frying my brain) and the worlds heaviest brief case.

Isn’t technology amazing?


  1. We add far to much complexity to our operations and daily lives. Using complexity reduction strategies to reduce this can have massive impacts on operating costs. I think you demonstrate that point really well

    Every where you look things are far to complicated. All sophisticated organisations should apply a good rationalisation approach and “cut the tail”

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