The Parking Ticket

I was running late.

I nipped into the city centre in my wife’s company car.

I found a parking space put money in the meter and ran.

20 minutes later I caught the yellow peril giving me a parking ticket.

I was on a yellow line (just).

I tried to sweet talk him, but I ran out of charm.

He suggested I wrote to the parking fine office and disputed the ticket.

So I did.

3 months later they sent me a letter.

My dispute wasn’t upheld because I had parked in a bus lane at 10pm at night.

They attached a photo of the car as proof.

It showed a time of 11am and a car parked (marginally) on the yellow lines by a meter, no bus lane in sight.

So I disputed my failed dispute.

The parking fine office apologised

They said they would look into it.

3 months later the bailiffs turned up at my wife’s company demanding payment of the fine.

My wife wasn’t very impressed.

So I gave in and paid.

A true story, but the point?

Can government cut spending?

Maybe, but only if they make their service better.

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