Nothing Hurt But My Ego

It is a truism that you learn by failing.  I recently bought a pair of clip in shoes for my bicycle.  Everybody told me I would fall over once, they were right, it happened when I came to a stop at some traffic lights at the head of a queue of cars (very embarrassing).  At least I wasn’t showing off like the fool in the video.

Apparently the brain reacts to these failures by shutting down the production of dopamine.  This is how it remembers and is also what triggers that sweaty palm sensation you get when you see the pattern that lead to failure re-occurring.

So it is more than a truism, it is a biologically proven fact.

There is another way to avoid failure.  That is to stick with what you know, don’t put yourself in a position where it is likely to happen.

The problem is, if you punish your team for failure they will avoid it.  Then, biologically speaking, they will never learn.

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