No Will? No Way!

The earthquake in Haiti has lead to the cutting of red tape allowing orphans to be adopted in both Holland and the USA.  They are not being forced to go through all the bureaucratic hurdles associated with visas, passports and adoption papers.

I am not qualified to say if this is ethically the right thing to do or not, though I am sure it has sparked a lot of controversy.  What is interesting though is that it proves the point, “where there is a will there is a way”.

Most business processes are pretty shoddy, (think of the last time you were frustrated by an organisation not being able to give you what you want, see if you agree).  Consequently they aren’t difficult to improve; in fact once you get the hang of it, it is the proverbial “piece of cake”.  There is undoubtedly “a way”.

Statistically though, most process improvement efforts fail.  Why is this?  Simply because there isn’t enough political “will”.

Why is that?

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