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Raw Fish

Have you ever visited Yo Suhi?  If you haven’t have a look at the video. The restaurant is a marvel in terms of giving customers what they want without any fuss.  You take the food that you want off the conveyor belt.  The chefs just keep it topped up.  If you want service there is […]

Can We Win The Afghan War?

Apparently the Afghan police have an attrition rate approaching 25%. Consequently there is huge pressure to recruit, just to keep the numbers up. The Afghan authorities have clear policies about who makes a suitable recruit, but tragically these are not being followed. On the 3rd November 5 British soldiers and 2 Afghani police officers were […]

You Are Kidding Me, Right?

A BBC photographer has been stopped from taking pictures of St Paul’s Cathedral by the police. The PC did this because there was a risk that the photographer could have been an al Qaeda operative planning on blowing the building up.  You can see the BBC news clip here. I doubt very much that the […]

Just How Bad Could It Be?

Yesterday I posted a comment about risk assessment and how it leads to some really stupid activity.  This is not to say that risk assessment is a waste of time, just the over zealous, avoid risk at all costs type. This leads to the question “what does good risk assessment look like?”  Rather than banging […]

Global Warming? Pah!

I am sitting in my office, slowly turning blue, looking at a good 4 inches of snow.  I thought it was supposed to be getting warmer, the ice caps should be melting and half of East Anglia is going to be under water, yet here I am slowly freezing to death.  Clearly the scientists are […]

Are You Worth £150k?

A very interesting article today about how the government plans to cap the salaries of top earners.  The BBC was called out as a particular problem.  Apparently everybody with a salary of more than £150,000 who works in the Public Sector will have to explain to the government why they are worth so much.  In […]

No Way In

I found this picture on the “learning about lean” blog.  It made me smile. This is an obvious case of mixed messages, but it isn’t just a problem for sign posts.  Have you ever come across the same issue when you are filling in a form and wondered what on earth you are supposed to […]

What Can You See?

The manufacturing guys have a neat trick It is called an “Ohno circle”.  They paint them on the floor at different points in factories and then the team leader stands in the circle with a clip board for 30 minutes, writing down everything that he can see that doesn’t work.  He or she then spends […]

Engage Your Staff

Keeping your employees engaged is a huge challenge. In fact some regard it as the biggest management challenge of all.  There is lots of debate and theories abound: “pay more”, “flexible working”, “listen to your employees”, “engagement circles”.  The list goes on. My favourite theory is that of Patrick Lencioni who has written a super […]

Making Your Own Luck

Yesterday I wrote about the horrible consequences of getting things wrong (Somebody Didn’t Care Enough to Be Right).  However, there is another side to the coin. On 15th January 2009 at 3:31pm Eastern Standard Time, US Airways Flight 1549 ditched into the Hudson River.  All 155 occupants were safely evacuated from the airliner.  This video […]