Are Your Project Managers Killing all the Canaries?

Managing projects is a little like keeping canaries:

  • One canary will flutter about quite happily in a cage
  • Add a second canary and they will sing to each other
  • If you have a nice big cage you may well be able to keep 5, 6, 7 or 8 canaries

There is a limit though.  Try to put 100 canaries in a cage, and they will run out of space.  You will end up (let’s be brutally honest) with a lot of dead canaries

The same is true of projects:

  • One project in an organisation will move along happily
  • Two projects might even reinforce each other
  • If your business is large you may well be able to run 5, 6 7 or 8 projects at any one time

But there is a crunch point.  If you try to run too many, they will run out of resources and, like the canaries, they will stop moving

Better to concentrate your energy on a few projects than obsess about using all the available resources


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Image by David.R.Caroll


  1. Hi James,
    As they say, less is often more.


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