Dead Connection

A lady in America lost her father to cancer.

His old telephone supplier are chasing her for the £300 he owes them (since he died), despite the fact that she has no legal obligation to pay.

She is, understandably,  a tad upset.

Innovative things that they could have done instead:

  • Apologised profusely and cancelled the bill
  • Sent the lady some flowers with their condolences
  • Offered to let all the other utilities know
  • Lent her a free phone for a month so she could make all the funeral arrangements

Of course all these things cost money, but given the choice between a seriously pissed off woman and a tragically bereaved lady telling her friends about your compassionate service, why wouldn’t you invest?

The only excusable way to lose a customer is because they die. That is the ultimate customer relationship. Why spoil it then?

Image by Ballistik Coffee Boy


  1. James Lawther says:

    Glad you liked it

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