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Is there anything useful on You Tube? Anything that will challenge your outlook?  Anything that will give you a different perspective on business?  Maybe, though you do have to look hard, and keep well away from “promoted videos”, they will suck up your time and spit it out.

Here is what I found, in descending order, I hope they make you think.

10.  John Kelly: Procrastination (4:17)

Why colour co-ordinating your shelves is not really work.  I am not sure I agree with his views on cups of tea, they are a little harsh.

9.  Patrick Lencioni: Organizational Health Defined (0:49)

Patrick believes “the health of an organisation is the multiplier of its intelligence”

8: The Youngest Grocer in America (2:41)

How many people really have courage in their convictions?  Sorry about the schmultz.

7.  Ants Floating in Water (1:26)

Things nature can teach us about teamwork and co-ordination

6: The USS Montana (1:00)

The second largest vessel in the North Atlantic fleet.  Brute force doesn’t always work

5.  Jim Womack: Improve Management First (0:28)

Jim’s rather blunt advice.  “Improve the management team before you improve the processes though he admits “It does sound like a good way to get fired”

4.  The Overpelt Work Train (5:18)

If you think you have a clever solution, think again.  There is always a better way. Please don’t let me be the only one who watched all 5 minutes

3.  The Incredibles (0:46)

To quote Walt Disney “Do what you do so well they want to come back and bring their friends.”

To quote Syndrome “It wasn’t good enough.”

2: Ajinomoto Stadium (1:34)

Sometimes things really aren’t as you would expect them to be.  If it happens, it is probably time to ask yourself “why?”

1. Man Bites Dog – The Village (1:56)

I’ve shown it before.  My all time favourite, Eugene shows us how to overcome adversity

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  1. Suzy Jones says:

    I love Eugene,, very spry for a man his age. I also love the lighthouse advert. I will use that myself.

    Thanks very much for the post

  2. Michael Thompson says:

    Nice little compilation, very eclectic. My favourite is the lighthouse as well

  3. I enjoyed the list, thanks for putting it together.  Once you start to look there is actually loads of interesting and useful stuff on you tube.  My favourite are the beach bubbles.  Sometimes you don’t need to have a reason.

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