Salty Coffee

I worked for a coffee shop. It was great, we only had one problem; occasionally there was a bit of a mix up at the serving hatch. The salt and sugar were in similar containers. Sometimes we put a pinch or two of salt in our customer’s coffee, not very often, and then just a little bit, because Mary kept an eye open for it, nothing to worry about.

That’s a made up story, nobody would be so stupid in real life, would they?

I have seen organisations where:

  • The mail always gets routed to the wrong office and is then couriered back
  • 50% of the time they hit a 5 day Service Level Agreement
  • The stock database crashes with old style 7 figure parts codes, and takes 1/2 an hour to reboot
  • New orders are prioritised newest first and old orders get progressively older
  • Sales literature quotes two prices for the same product
  • There are over 1,600 telephone numbers into 1 call centre

None of these things are worth the effort of fixing on their own, each one is just a grain of salt. There is no payback.

The coffee just gets saltier and saltier.

Small things that are broken don’t go away, they just accumulate, leaving a bad taste in your mouth.  Some things just need to be fixed.

Image by Qole Peiorian

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