Should my Wife Drive?

If you see a couple driving together in a car then statistically speaking it is twice as likely that the man is driving.

Is this safe?  Insurance premiums are cheaper for women; this is because they have less accidents than men.  So the woman should drive.

But, men drive further every year than women (60% further on average) so you should look at accidents per mile.  Female drivers have 5.7 accidents per million miles driven and men only have 5.1, so you are safer with a man behind the wheel.  So the man should drive.

But, if you look at the type of accident men are 80% more likely per mile driven to have a fatal accident.  So the woman should drive.

But, men drive more motorway miles where accidents are fewer but more likely to be fatal…

Of course all of this is irrelevant, the real question is who is the better driver, me or my wife.  And the only way you can find out is to try.

Be clear of the choices you make and then try them.  Don’t analyse them to death, you will never get anywhere.

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