Marshmallows and the Cure for Everything

Test and learn Now I’m married with daughters I don’t go out that often. Nightclubs and cinemas are a thing of the past (unless it is to watch Frozen… 4 times and counting). An evening in front of the TV is a treat. I sat down last night to watch a re-run of House.  It […]

5 Ways to Cultivate Evidence Based Management

In my last post I argued for E.B.M. (evidence based management) as an approach that will help you: Make the best possible decisions As fast as possible At the lowest possible cost Here are some suggestion on how to promote E.B.M. in your own organisation. 1. Change your own mind Management deals with social problems, not mechanical […]

Rule 18: Discuss the Work

There are two types of conversations about work: The first is a Friday evening conversation.  It is best held at about 5pm in the pub just around the corner from the office in hushed tones. The first conversation discusses who: Who screwed up Who is on the way up Who is on the way out And […]

Evidence Based Management

This is a guest post Management is not a profession… It isn’t like medicine, engineering or law; it is a state in which we live. Sometimes it is formal — perhaps a promotion at work. Sometimes it is  informal — circumstances force us to organise things.  Remember when you could no longer do everything yourself? There are no legal, […]

How to Improve (at Just About Anything)

There are two ways to improve: 1. The classic way: Do – make an improvement Do – change a process Do – implement some training Do – install a system When you have been through the 4 do’s keep right on doing. 2. The recommended way: Plan – develop an idea or innovation, work out how […]