Corporate Conflict

The battle On any given day in any corporation you will see: barbed e-mails, poisonous meetings, water fountain back-stabbings and all out turf wars. This is common or garden violence and nothing to write home about, though it may cause some gossip in the pub. Organisations are chock-full of conflict: Conflict between departments Conflict between […]

The Ultimate Management Skill

Communication is easy There are only three things to worry about: The sender — the person transmitting the message The environment — the medium the message passes through The listener — the person who receives the message Assuming a dialogue is called for (dialogues being a good thing), the sender and listener can swap places. […]

The World’s Most Useless Document

The org chart When you join a new business the people in H.R. will give you something like this: As good corporate citizens we all seize this as one of the most important pieces of paper we will be given. It tells us how the concern works. It is critical information, it tells us how […]

Information Overload

The world has changed When I was 15 it was hard to share information: There were three TV channels to watch, and my parents wouldn’t let me look at one of them. When I did my homework I had to go to the library to find the single book on [insert subject of choice]. I […]

For “Game Changing” Performance, Change the Game

Game changing Everybody is hell-bent on moving quicker, faster and harder. Everybody wants “game changing” levels of performance improvement.  Managers, executives and shareholders demand it… So if you want “game changing”, what are your options? Three parts to an organisation The systems thinkers categorise organisations into three elements: The components. The team-members and functions, the […]

Management Heresy

Heresy — noun (ˈhɛrəsɪ ) An opinion or doctrine contrary to the beliefs of an organisation The act of maintaining such an opinion or doctrine An interesting word And an interesting activity. I often wonder about heretics. Are they a bunch of loony tunes who can’t see how wrong they are? Or are they perfectly […]

Was My M.B.A. A Waste of Time?

Collaboration For my sins I have an M.B.A.  I am a child of the ’70’s.  By the time I hit the ’90’s an M.B.A. was the qualification to have if you were intent on pursuing a corporate career. The course taught me all about the parts of big business.  I learnt about: Finance and accounting […]

A Simple Mistake That Has Probably Made You Poorer

The case for austerity The inaugural meeting of the American Economic Association was held on the 4th January 2010. Two giants in the world of economics; Professor Carmen Reinhart and former chief economist of the International Monetary Fund, Ken Rogoff were present. They presented their research paper, “Growth in a Time of Debt”. The headline […]

Changing the Rules

All organisations have rules We have rules about expenses and rules about systems access.  There are rules about promotions and rules about mobile phones.  Still more rules about budgets and rules about supplier gifts. Organisations have hundreds of rules.  These rules, explicit or not, define the way our organisations work. The problem with rules If […]

The Strategic Comms Centre of Excellence

Management Speak I reached out to my boss first thing this morning.  I had to square the circle about one of our strategic imperatives.  Fortunately he cascaded the relevant information.  He had the helicopter view, I was too busy searching for low hanging fruit. If there is one thing that is guaranteed to set me […]