What are You Working On?

What are you working on right now?

What is occupying your time?

  • Is it revolutionary?
  • Will it set you head and shoulders above your competition?
  • Is it new, innovative, exciting and exhilarating?
  • Is it brilliant?
  • Does it matter?

What are you working on that makes you proud?

Something or nothing?

If the answer is nothing…

Why would anybody with an ounce of get up and go want to come and work with you?

Hasn’t everybody with any get up and go already got up and gone?

Perhaps you could get something exciting up and running in the next month.  What could you start today?

If the answer is something…

Good for you… Can the rest of us come and work on it too?  We’d love to.

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 pride in the job

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  1. Wise questions to ask every day… and yet, sometimes our employers are the ones creating the ceiling on those questions. I’d say the solution is: “find a new employer,” but that can be equally as challenging. Sadly.

    Annette :-)

    • Annette,

      I am reminded about the story of two men sitting on a porch with a dog. The dog was howling.

      One of the men said to the other “Why is your dog howling?”

      The other said “Because he is sitting on a nail and it is hurting him.”

      “Well why doesn’t he move?”

      To which the reply came

      “Because it isn’t hurting him that much.”

      Maybe we only have ourselves to blame?

  2. Hello James,

    Loved reading this post and especially your response to Annette. If we did not buy from crap companies then crap companies would cease to exist. If we did not work for crap companies then crap companies would cease to exist, If we did not tolerate crap politicians and governments then crap politicians and governments would cease to exist. If we ceased accepting crap in our lives then our lives would not show up as being crappy. And their is a price for this, a price that most of us are not willing to pay. Which is why we have what we have.

    All the best to you on this beautiful sunshiny day!


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