Stating the Bleeding Obvious

The diagram below shows a cross training chart.

It is a nice simple representation of who has been trained to do what.  If the circle is empty the person has been trained, if it is full then they have also shown they are competent or passed a test.  The idea is you print out a big one and put it on a wall, somewhere everybody can see it.

The thing about cross training charts is that they are a little obvious aren’t they?  There isn’t a whole load of sophistication involved.  Why would you go to the effort of putting up something so simplistic?  It is a little Janet and John, isn’t it?


But then if I walked into your operation could you tell me:

  • Which member of the team is the expert
  • Where the team is weak
  • Who needs training and development
  • Who can fill in when others are away
  • If somebody is doing a task they really shouldn’t be doing

At a glance, without relying on your memory?

Maybe it’s not so bleeding obvious after all.

Visual Managent Cross Traiing